Accessibility policy
Internet and telephone services
In our communities

Each customer's experience matters

Our commitment to customer accessibility is not just about providing the right products, services and facilities. It's also about the way we treat our customers. Our employees receive training on accessibility initiatives as well as training to build awareness of diverse customer needs.

  • If you have any feedback on our accessibility initiatives, please call us at 1-866-322-5854 or email us.
  • If you have a specific problem or concern about your experience or your relationship with us, please use our problem resolution process.

Internet and telephone services

Our analysts and customer service representatives are equipped to serve hearing impaired clients over the phone through the Relay Service.

We are also reviewing all of our websites to identify any inaccessible content, and we will take steps to make our websites accessible to all customers.

We invite you to contact us for more information.

In our communities

In 2007, TD Bank Group established the External Advisory Committee (EAC) with representation from Canadian organizations that champion the needs of persons with disabilities. The committee provides input and feedback on accessibility practices and identifies ways to build on our initiatives to support an inclusive experience at TD. Learn more about TD's involvement in the community.