The Role of the Ombudsman

When you tell us about a problem or voice a complaint, it gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to you. It also helps us improve our products and services for all of our clients.

From time to time, it may happen that a problem has not been solved to a client's satisfaction, or that a complaint hasn’t been heard by the right person. That’s where our Ombudsman steps in.

In a word, the Ombudsman is an ally, whose primary role is to oversee the problem resolution process by conducting an objective and thorough investigation of all the issues at hand.

The Ombudsman acts as a mediator, standing impartially between you and TD Insurance Meloche Monnex to help find a solution that meets the needs of both parties.

The Ombudsman will only become actively involved in a complaint when an office manager fails to resolve it to the satisfaction of all concerned. Matters referred to the Ombudsman that have not been reviewed and responded to by an office manager will be referred back to the office in question for review. These complaints will be monitored by the Ombudsman, but it remains the responsibility of the offices concerned to find a solution.

You can rest assured the Ombudsman will treat you fairly and with the utmost respect throughout the process.

I’d like to find out how I can file a complaint with the Ombudsman.