Green WheelTM
Green is the color of money!

Being environmentally conscious has its rewards–even on your car insurance! If you own a recognized hybrid or electric vehicle, you could benefit from our Green Wheel discount.

Contact us today and ask one of our insurance professionals how you can save on your auto insurance, thanks to your efforts in being “green”!

  • Discount Value - 10% off the total premium.*
  • Automatically applied on new policies, vehicles additions or substitutions. Discount will be applied upon renewal for existing policies. 
Choosing a hybrid or electric vehicle means using less fuel. This translates into cost savings for you and a reduction in smog and greenhouse gas emissions for the country. Go green and do something good for the environment and for your budget.

*5% in Ontario. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Applies to private passenger vehicles only. Due to provincial legislation, our automobile insurance program is not offered in British Colombia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba. Green Wheel is a trademark of Meloche Monnex Inc. used under license.