Our group insurance program

Our group insurance program

Enhance your benefits program with a valuable no-cost addition

Would you like to provide more benefits to your employees without introducing a costly new program? We offer an attractive benefit – group home and auto insurance - at no direct cost to your organization.

Our team has a long history of forming partnerships with organizations like yours to provide a valuable benefit to employees. In fact, we have some 750 affinity partners across Canada. And we work closely with all our partners to introduce a tailored group insurance program that provides competitively-priced, quality insurance products backed by attentive, professional client service and award-winning marketing approaches.

When you choose to have your employee benefit from a group home and auto insurance program like ours, everyone wins.

The benefits to your organization

  • You can offer a valuable no-cost addition to your organization’s benefits program.
  • The program is easy to administer – we make sure of that by doing all the marketing and administration.
  • You gain access to our free marketing material.
  • A dedicated account manager keeps you up to date on your program.
  • You do not have to get involved in personal insurance matters – We provide direct service to policyholders.

The benefits to employees of your organization

They gain access to:

  • Preferred group rates as well as specially designed coverage options and discounts.
  • Flexible limits and coverage to meet each person’s particular needs.
  • Multiple extended payment options.
  • Professional insurance advice from licensed representatives to ensure the right fit.
  • Round-the-clock emergency claims services.
  • Unique, value-added services through our Direct Access program - free verbal legal advice to everyday legal questions and driving directions exclusive to policyholders who are group members
  • A free e-newsletter on safety and lifestyle topics.
  • Confidentiality – your employees deal directly with our personnel.
  • Extended eligibility. It applies to organization employees, their partners and any dependent children residing in the home. Benefits can be extended after retirement if necessary.

Real savings

Our prices are competitive thanks to a simple management structure and no third-party intermediary.

Personalized service

During our 60 years in the business, our customers have come to rely on our efficient, accessible and knowledgeable service. Our team will plan your personal group insurance program with you and make themselves available to explain it to your members whenever needed.

Superior products

Our superior home and auto insurance products give policyholders the level of protection they request.

  • Home Insurance
    We offer a wide variety of home insurance coverages, from Basic to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum protection. We also offer additional coverage, for more details, visit our residential section.
  • Automobile Insurance
    Liability, Medical Expenses (not available in Quebec)and Physical Damage are just a few of the standard types of coverage provided to policyholders. Clients can also benefit from a number of innovative optional policy enhancements. For more details, visit our auto section.

Getting the word out

The success of the program is directly related to our award-winning approach to communications. Our in-house marketing team develops state-of-the-art marketing promotion and communication materials. We pay for all the expenses incurred in the marketing of this program.