Oil damage


Avoiding costly clean-up inside and outside your home

Potential damage

Oil can permanently damage your home and property and poses a serious risk of fire.

An oil leak can contaminate the environment by polluting streams and wildlife habitat.

How leaks start

Oil tanks corrode from the inside out, so the problems are not always visible. By the time the tank is showing rust, it may have eaten all the way through the inside out. This occurs from condensation that builds up inside the tank. A bad tank produces an odour of oil in the air.

Residential tanks can also leak due to improper installation or maintenance, corrosive soils, tank and piping defects, or damage. This can lead to costly cleanups and legal ramifications including third-party damages.

What to do if you discover oil damage

Protect your home from oil damage

What you need to know about oil tanks

The primary source of possible oil damage to your home is leaking oil tanks, which store heating oil. Oil tanks can be found inside or outside of the home as well as aboveground or underground.

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