Sewer back-up coverage

Protect your property below ground with additional water damage coverage for sewer storm and drain back-up or sump pump overflow.

This coverage is designed to help protect you in the event of damage resulting from:

  • Sudden and accidental discharge, backing up or overflow from your sewers or sewer connections (such as, sump pumps, septic tanks, leaching beds or other septic systems for wastewater).

Who’s eligible?

You are eligible if:

  • You have a home insurance policy with us.
  • Your home is not located in a high-risk zone.
    • For other risk zones, number of sewer back-up events will be reviewed against our underwriting eligibility criteria.
  • Your building is not under construction, vacant, or has not been unoccupied for the past 6 months or more.
  • You reside in Quebec.

Except as indicated above, our policies and water damage endorsements do not cover damage resulting from flood.

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