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Welcome to our learning centre, designed to provide you with home insurance basics and to help you make sound decisions on your home insurance coverage.

You will find in this section interesting information on insurance such as the home insurance basics, safety tips and related articles. Enjoy your reading!

Home Insurance Basics
Standard Condo Coverages

Dollars & Sense
How Property Insurance Is Calculated
Our Available Home Insurance Discounts

Protecting your home all year long
Burglar-proofing Your Home
A Guide to Home Fire-Prevention
Be aware of summer hazards to your home
When wildfires threaten
Clean Wiring Key to Christmas Light Safety
Avoiding Winter Property Damage
Water damage prevention checklist

Special situations
Insurance when you’re on the move
Insurance Risks Higher During The Holidays - Be Prepared!
The Not-so-obvious Reasons Renters Need Tenants Insurance
The lowdown on bicycles
Maintain an energy efficient home
Do you have a child studying away from home?
Insuring your Cottage