Insurance when you’re on the move

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Coverage when you move or are away from home

When you move into a new home, or leave your home for a short or extended vacation, your home insurance is working for you. Find out how.

When you move to a new home
Protecting your home while you are away
Theft or loss of personal belongings while travelling
When you’re legally liable - and away from home

When you move to a new home

You need insurance coverage on a new home as soon as you become the legal owner or tenant. In some circumstances, this may also be the case even if the home is still under construction.

Before you move, be sure to contact us and describe your needs. For example, do you need coverage for your belongings while in transit and simultaneously at your old and new locations? We will cover both residences for a period of time, provided we are the insurer of your new property. It should also be noted that vacant buildings are not normally insured for more than 30 days in case of theft.

Protecting your home while you are away

Your home insurance policy protects your home whether you are there or not. But you have a responsibility to try and make sure nothing happens to it while you are away.

For example:

Theft or loss of personal belongings while travelling

Your home insurance covers your belongings even away from the premises.

Let’s say you’re on vacation and return to your hotel room to find it has been ransacked. Your camera, laptop computer and other personal items are missing.

In this type of situation, subject to certain exclusions or limitations in the policy, you may be covered under your property policy provided the items lost are normally kept in your home. You should call us to make the claim before you replace any of your lost items. We can tell you if your property policy has any special limits. And don’t forget, you have to pay your deductible first, so if the items you lost are worth less than your deductible, your claim will not yield any compensation.

When you’re legally liable - and away from home

Whether you’re on vacation or down the street, the liability insurance in your homeowner’s policy has you covered. This applies to you and all residents of your home (including your pets). And this coverage protects you whether you are found negligent or not. (See Personal Liability in the Standard Home Coverage article.)

Legal liability arising from your personal actions which cause harm to others could include things like the following:

  • You take your dog for a walk and while out, he bites someone and causes serious injury.
  • A child is hurt while a member of your family is babysitting him or her.
  • Your son or daughter is snowboarding and accidentally collides with a skier who is injured.
  • You hit someone in the face with the ball while playing tennis at a vacation resort.
  • While on a golfing trip, you misjudge your swing and accidentally hit a bystander.

In Canada, the injured person’s medical needs are looked after through the medicare system. But, what you may not know is that the medicare system has the right to attempt to recover its costs from you personally. The injured person could also sue you for a number of reasons, such as lost income or pain and suffering.

Depending on your situation, you may also want to look into umbrella coverage. This is supplementary personal liability coverage which allows you to increase your basic liability.