Water damage prevention checklist

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This checklist will help remind you of potential problems and some preventative measures you can take to avoid or control water damage.


  • Are leaves or snow gathering in and around your eavestrough?
  • Is water from the eavestrough draining away from your home?
  • How old is your roof?
  • Do the shingles sit flat, or do they curl?

Foundational and external factors

  • Are doors, windows and wall penetrations effectively sealed?
  • Has the grade of your house settled?
  • Is your foundation in good condition?
  • Is your leaching bed or storm sewer backed up?

Pipes, plumbing and fixtures

  • Are the seals around bathroom and kitchen fixtures in good repair?
  • Are you installing items on your walls or doing home repairs?
  • Do you know where the water shut off valves are?
  • Is your dishwasher leaking?
  • Does your washing machine have hot and cold rubber hoses?
  • How old is your water heater?
  • Is there rust or corrosion on your plumbing pipes or fixtures?

Sewer pipes

  • Are you prone to flooding?
  • How do I stop water from flowing back into the basement through the main floor drain?
  • Does your basement have a sump pump?